Why Open A Business In Seattle

Skyline of Seattle

If you are thinking about opening a business, Seattle makes an excellent location to get started. If you already live in the city, you know that there is no place else like it. If you are unfamiliar, we can help you by showing you a few of the advantages to the Seattle business market.

Great Tech Talent

If you expect your business to be a rapidly growing tech company, there is no place like Seattle. Tech experts and college grads flock the the area. If you want to make it in tech, people know that Seattle is where it is at. You can take advantage of this by having a full pool to fish from when looking for employees. And there will be no worry about trying to relocate people across the country.

Not a tech company? No problem, you will still find that Seattle is a very educated city with nearly 60 percent of the population holding at least a bachelors degree.

A Huge Market

The city of Seattle has nearly 750,000 people living in it and the greater Seattle area has a population of close to 4 million. That is a huge market for a Seattle based business to tap into.

Even better is that fact that the people of Seattle thirst for what is new and different. If you have a unique concept, Seattle is a great place to start and grow it. History shows that this is true. Ever heard of a little coffee shop called Starbucks?

Access To Capital

Just being based in Seattle can help you attract investors and capital. Everyone wants to be involved in the next Microsoft or Amazon. This can work to your advantage, especially if you have a unique and inspiring concept.

A Diverse Population

Seattle is home to a very diverse population which will give any business a large base to pull from. The variety of people and cultures will also encourage creativity and ensure that your business is a diverse one from the beginning.

Location, Location,Location

Seattle is an international travel hub, especially for the Asian market. Depending on your business concept, that and the convenience of being close to a huge shipping port might be very advantageous for you.

Part Time Work In Seattle

Looking to make a little extra money in Seattle?

Lucky you, because there are a lot of opportunities to make a nice income that do not require a degree or any special qualifications at all. Best of all, because of record low unemployment, you can probably get started right away.

So, without further delay, here are 4 easy job ideas that anyone can use to make money and start earning right away.

dog walking for money


Uber & Lyft:

You can still make a living with these two ride sharing companies in 2020. All that you need is a newish 4 door vehicle and a good driving history. Sorry, if you just got your license, you are out. You need to have some driving experience. Once you sign up and get approved, you can start driving and earning right away.

To make the most money with this service, you are going to need to play around with your drive times and location. You are not going to make much money outside of the city during non peak hours. The busier it is, the higher rates that you can command. So if you start driving to make a little side money, give it a bit of time and tinker to see how much you can really make.

Overnight Retail:

The two retail giants Target and Walmart are always in need of help and they pay better than ever. Because of low unemployment rated, these companies have had a hard time filling their open positions. This means that they have been forced to raise hourly rates. Now, all of a sudden, retail is a real possibility when you want to make a decent extra income.

As far as work hours go, anything is possible. Both of these stores are open extensive hours with most Walmart stores being open 24 hours a day. This means that you can find a shift at any hour. Those shifts could be anything from stocking shelves, to working the register or even filling curbside pickup orders.

Delivering Food:

Americans love convenience and they will pay for it. That is why food delivery has become so prolific. For you, that means a job opportunity delivering people their daily grub.

When it comes to delivery job options, you have a lot of choices from delivering meas from restaurants, to groceries to old school pizza delivery. Grocery delivery would give you more of a consistent wage with other options being more dependent on tips. In addition, grocery delivery will allow for the use of a company vehicle in most cases while restaurant delivery will, in most cases, require the use of your vehicle.

If you decide to deliver food with your vehicle, keep in mind the cost of your fuel and maintenance when determining your profit. It also is a good idea to check with your insurance company to make sure that you will be covered.

Dog Walking:

Do you love dogs? If so, you can make a nice part time income by simply walking them. With Rover, you can get in touch with dog owners who need your help.

Sure, rover takes a cut of the action but they can help you reach consumers that you would otherwise not have found. Let Rover get you some work and then let your reviews earn you more and more profitable business.

People love their pets and will pay a premium for walkers with better reputations. So, Rover allows you to start earning right away and then increase your profits gradually as your income grows.

Margarita Machine Companies

Being in business isn’t always a party, unless your business is all about the party. Party rental companies abound in Seattle, some good and some, not so good. We like to stay on the positive side around here so let’s take a look at the positive side of the business and three great companies.

What Makes A Good Margarita Business

First, what makes a good margarita machine rental service. In our opinion, you need three things. You need a good rental machine, you need good customer service and most importantly, you need a good mix. Nothing worse than a bland or overly sweet margarita.

Margarita Machines

There are two ways to go with margarita machines. You have the stainless steel box style machines that you see in bars and you have the double barrel bowl style machines. Both have their pluses and minuses. The commercial bar style machines can produce a lot of drinks but they have one major problem. If they are not used continuously they freeze up. The bowl style machines do not have the freeze up problem and can still produce quite a bit of mix. The only negative is that they have to be manually refilled.

So, which machine should you choose? We asked the owner of Margarita Monkey in Dallas which style he would use. “Both machines have their merits. If you plan on serving a lot of drinks, consistently, the bar style machine is a winner. If you think your guests will come to the machine in waves, such as in a wedding , the bowl machines are a good choice. Bowl machines will have 5-6 gallons of mix ready at the start of an event. Bar machines have a hopper of only 1 to 1.5 gallons. In a sudden rush, the bowl machines work best.”

Whichever machine you use, make sure they are relatively new and clean. This is the most important thing.

Customer Service

Plain and simple, if you call them, they should answer the phone. If you must leave a message, it should be returned in under thirty minutes. Too many companies just ignore their customers and get back to them whenever THEY want.

Another plus to customer service is an online reservation system. Not a quote request or an email form. An actual online reservation system where you can get a quote and book a rental. It is easy to set up if a customer oriented business cares.

Great Mixes

Finally, a company needs to offer great mixes. There is nothing worse than an over sweet margarita. If you feel like you need to brush your teeth right after you take a sip, something is wrong. Margaritas should be smooth without too much acid. The lemon and lime should be balanced with the sugar to give a great taste that does not give you a stomach ache.

They should also offer a variety of other flavors like Strawberry Margarita, Pina Colada, Bellini, and Daiquiri’s. This is especially true if you get a double barrel style machine.

Our Choices In Seattle

So now, without further ado, here are the top three margarita machine companies in Seattle.

Aurora Rents: (206) 659-7368
Pedersen’s Event Rental: (206) 749-5400
Alexander Party Rentals:(206) 282-1987

Bike Sharing Alive & Well In Seattle

It seems that the bike share service Lime is alive and well in the Seattle area. The company recently announced some statistics from 2018 and some of them might surprise you.

For starters, there were over 350,000 users of the service in Seattle and those users logged in over 2 million rides. Almost a third of those reported traveling to or from dining/entertainment on the bike, 1/3 reported traveling to work on a bike and 1/3 reported replacing what would have been a car trip with a bike ride.

Seattle is the companies leading market is seems for users which is why it is also the only market to currently have the LimePod service. We will have to wait and see just how uccessful this car sharing service is compared to the bike share.

Five Money Related Seattle Businesses

Usually we feature a single business at a time but we thought it might be nice for a change to feature several businesses at once. Here are five great Seattle based businesses that are in the financial sector. If you need some fast cash, need 500 dollars, need a mortgage or perhaps some good old financial planning, you might check one of these companies out.

Without further ado, here are five great companies to do business with, listed in no particular order.

  1. Olympia Federal Savings
    This company was established in 1906. It has eight branches ready to serve you and it is owned by its customers so that it main goal is to make you happy.
  2. Brighton Jones
    This is a great financial planner and wealth management company based in the area of Seattle. In addition to providing excellent financial services, this company also believes in giving back to the communities that they work in.
  3. Baker Boyer
    This is a banking company founded in 1869. It has been family owned and operated for six generations.
  4. Pacific Capital Resource Group
    A financial planning firm that wants to help you save for a financially sound retirement in Seattle. A trusted company in the community.
  5. Edward Jones
    Not based in Seattle, but this company has over a thousand employees in the state. If you need help investing and developing a portfolio, this could be a good place to turn.

All of the above companies are honest, respected companies in the Seattle area. You would not go wrong by doing business with any one of them.

If you need financial planning or assistance in investing or just a solid banking institution, the above companies might be right for you. If you are looking for a job in the financial sector, check out these companies in Seattle and see if one fits your need and your skill set.


Looking for a dog walker or sitter, Rover is the place for you . This company was formed in Seattle in 2011 under the name A Place For Rover. It is now estimated to be worth over 300 Million. Check out their website here, Rover Website. In the meantime, here is a little more about what they do.

What Makes Them Unique

Rover become one of the first matchmaking services for pet owners and pet service providers. Pet owners can get matched to local service providers offering walking and boarding services in addition to doggie daycare facilities. They take a portion of the fee that the provider charges. They take, on average about 20% of the cost paid by the pet owner.

Company Outlook

The future for Rover looks strong. Pet owners will always spend on their animals and consumers are increasingly looking for services online. They are well positioned on the internet with a search for “pet sitters” and “dog walking” returning the company in the top 3 of results. Often, the first position.

If you would like to offer a service on Rover, simply visit their website and submit your application. Be prepared to pay a fee for every booking, or rather a commission. Still, they give you a huge opportunity to contact local pet owners.

Slayer of Seattle

You might not have heard of the name Slayer, or if you have you might be thinking about the metal band from the eighties. That is not the Slayer we are referring to. The one we are highlighting today is the expresso machine maker located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

Slayer makes and designs innovative professional expresso machines. They have been in the business since 2007 and service an international clientele. The machines hold many patents for innovative ways to steam milk and prepare expresso and they are assembled by hand right here in Seattle. One look at the machines in question will instantly reveal just how unique these machines are. Sophisticated, efficient and quite beautiful to look at. Art meets efficiency.

For more information on their product lineup or to learn about upcoming events or tours of their facilities, give them a call at 206-284-7171.

5 Quick Facts About Expresso

  1. The Italian government regulates expresso because of its social importance to the country.
  2. It takes about 50 coffee beans to make just one shot of expresso.
  3. Expresso is made using high pressure nearly boiling water to extract flavor from the coffee beans.
  4. Expresso contains more fat than regular coffee due to is ability to extract more of the oil from the bean.
  5. The word expresso means “when something is forced out” describing the process it uses.


Seattle Cash Services

The business of short term loans is a big one in the Seattle area. If you find yourself in need of one, you have a lot of choices, but why not go with a great local one. One that is trying to improve the way you feel about payday loans. Get your fast Seattle payday loan quote with a legitimate local website like Seattle Cash Services. The benefits with dealing with this website are many.

For starters, Seattle Cash Services gives you access to a large network of lenders. This network can get you potentially approve much faster than a local company can. The reason for this is simple and easy to explain. With a typical local lender, you fill out one application or quote form and submit it. The lender then approves or declines your application. If you are declined, you must start all over again with another lender. This can be time consuming and very frustrating.

With Seattle Cash Services, you are not dealing with a direct lender but instead a network of lenders .You fill out one application or quote and it then goes to the first lender. If you are not approved, your information goes to the next lender on the list. This continue until a lender is found that wants to work with you. It is possibly one of the fastest ways to get a loan approval in the Seattle area.

Another benefit of dealing with Seattle Cash Services is the fact that they let you do everything online. You fill out the quote form online and submit it online and get your approval online. If approved for a loan, your lender will send you the details of your loan and you can choose to accept it or decline it online. If you decline the loan, you are under no obligation and there is no fee whatsoever. If you approve the loan, you can have money deposited directly into your ban account as soon as the very next business day.

Finally, one last benefit to dealing with Seattle Cash Services is the fact that you remain anonymous. You can do everything online from the privacy of your home or office. There is no need to put yourself out there  by going in person to a Cash Store. Do not risk being spotted or risk the embarrassment of an in person denial, yikes. Do it all online and remain secure and anonymous.

As you can see, there are many benefit to dealing with a company like Seattle Cash Services. If you are looking for a payday loan, there are some things that you should know. Here are some things that the website operators wanted to make you aware of.

Payday Loan Basics From Seattle Cash Services

Payday Loans Are Expensive

The effective interest rate on payday loans or cash advances are high because if the high fees and short terms. Lenders charge a set fee per $100 borrowed and most loans are due in 2 weeks or less. This calculates to a very high interest rates, so use caution.

Payday Loans Are Short Term Loans

These loans are due to be repaid within two weeks, in most cases. Make sure that you can pay back the loan in full at that time. Extending the loan is an option, but a costly one. Always keep in mind that payday loans are meant for short term financial solutions in Seattle and should not be used to meet long term financial goals.

Their Are Alternatives To Payday Loans

Always keep in minds that there are some real alternatives to payday loans. These alternatives could be borrowing from friends, family or even taking a paycheck advance from your employer. They could even be as simple as cutting expenses or doing without until you get caught up


From The Original Website:

Seattle’s aging infrastructure and systems are not keeping pace with demand, and our tools to manage traffic are increasingly outdated. We must act now to support our growing population and maintain our quality of life. By working together, exploring new technology and setting metrics for accountability, Challenge Seattle is ready to be a good partner, and to lead on this issue.


We are committed to acting in areas where we can provide expertise, insight and resources. We are committed to thinking creatively about solving our transportation challenges. We are committed to driving real results.


Mobility Innovation Center

We will create a cross-sector Innovation Center dedicated to finding transportation solutions. Housed at the University of Washington, the Center will bring together mobility experts to tackle specific challenges and bring new innovations to our regional transportation system, through applied research and experimentation. We will measure success by the number of solutions generated and put into prototype or practice.

35% by 2035

We are setting a goal of no more than 35% of Challenge Seattle employees commuting via single-occupancy vehicles by 2035. This means 2 out of 3 people will travel to work via public transit, bike, carpool, walk and means other than driving alone. We will work toward this goal by deploying programs within our companies to support multiple modes of transportation and facilitate employee commutes.



Create an I-5 Corridor for the 21st Century

Most of I-5 looks the same as it did when it opened in 1967, and it shows its age. We must develop solutions to improve this north-south corridor: deploying new technologies to help reduce traffic on I-5; developing multi-modal options for commuters; addressing known choke-points with targeted improvements; and improving incident response. We can turn I-5 into an intelligent highway, to move people and freight more efficiently and prepare us for the autonomous vehicles and emerging technologies of the future.

For Example…

SanDAG in San Diego operates as an integrated corridor management system that includes highways, toll roads, arterials, and public transit to maximize capacity and throughput in the area.

Measuring Success

Getting where you’re going quickly and reliably is the best indicator of a modernized I-5 corridor. A primary performance metric will be WSDOT average and reliable travel times along key routes during peak hours.


Alaska Airlines was the first airline to offer boarding passes on mobile devices and flight status alerts. They navigated international security protocols, complex air traffic control schedules and the TSA to offer something that makes life easier for fliers. What if we applied a similar approach to Seattle area transportation?


Coordinated Operations and Planning

Bringing data, information, and transportation decision-makers together is the first step toward a unified system that allows users to travel reliably and predictably. Sharing data and analytics will optimize performance of the system, prioritize limited resources, and support effective last-mile planning. An operations center for ongoing integration between all transportation agencies would allow the system owners to work together on traffic incident responses to minimize system user impact.

For Example…

The Los Angeles Metro system operates a regional integrated intelligent transportation system that allows real-time information exchange and coordination between Metro, Caltrans, the L.A. Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, and surrounding transit agencies.

Measuring Success

We will track the percentage of regional agencies and organizations with shared operations and service planning based on common data and metrics, shared system operations, collaborative incidence response, and shared route and service planning.


Expedia can aggregate and sort through myriad flight schedules to offer the best travel options for customers. What if we had a technology that would give customized recommendations on travel route, based on location and real-time information?


Manage the System With All Users in Mind

To plan transit in and around Seattle, all users — from commuters to delivery truck drivers to service providers — need a single source for real-time data. Payment systems should be coordinated so that users can pay and access their accounts easily, with a single card or mobile device. Today, the ORCA card brings together multiple transit options in one system. It’s time to take that approach further, with a forward-looking model designed to adapt to the systems, modes, and technologies of the future without requiring a major overhaul.

For Example…

London’s Oyster Card provides users with a smart card for travel on buses, the tube, trams, light rail, the London Overground rail system, and even most National Rail services. The Bay Area’s Clipper Card is an all-in-one payment system for bus, metro, ferry, train, and even some urban parking garages.

Measuring Success

We will measure the number of integrated payment method and track the prevalence of mobile applications with real-time traveler information.


Starbucks re-invented the coffee break with a whole new business concept and is now re-inventing mobile payment. What if we created a unified mobile pay technology for multiple modes of transportation?


Maintaining our transportation assets requires periodic investments to maintain safety and structural soundness. Planning ahead for timely and proactive maintenance ensures that important updates can be made to extend the life of existing assets, with minimal disruption. Regular upgrades can also offer opportunities for integrating new technologies, improved user experiences or smarter services.

Measuring Success

We will track our region’s performance using existing metrics on the percentage of infrastructure that is in satisfactory or good condition.


By harnessing the minds at Amazon that brought us one-hour delivery of anything, at Zillow that lets us shop for a house online and at Nordstrom who brought us the idea of “smart” fitting rooms, we will work to improve the transportation infrastructure of our region.


Funding frequency and availability varies considerably across the Seattle area’s different transportation needs. We should evaluate how we fund transportation, taking lessons from other sectors, such as public utilities. With a sustainable funding model in place, the region can undertake appropriate planning and investments to maximize safety, efficiency, user convenience, and the long-term health of the system.

Measuring Success

Funding stability is critical to maintaining an innovative transportation system. We will measure stability by year-over-year volatility in total funding and the proportion of funding coming from predictable sources.


JPMorgan Chase allows customers to access their accounts via their phones. If they can manage personal privacy, multiple mobile platforms and the swirling complexities of banking regulations, how can they help their employees have a more predictable commute to and from downtown Seattle?


Historically, transportation planning has reacted to development patterns, struggling to respond where growth occurs. As housing costs drive more working families to consider affordable options outside the urban core, commuting to work becomes a greater burden. Land use and transportation agencies must coordinate planning and policy development more closely to ensure workers at all income levels can reach employment centers affordably and efficiently.

Measuring Success

Integrated land use and transportation planning is about accessibility. We will measure success by evaluating the walk, bike, and transit scores of neighborhoods reported by walkscore.com.

The Challenge Seattle Mission

Challenge Seattle is a private sector initiative led by many of the region’s CEOs working to address issues that our region faces, which will determine our future, for our economy and for our families. We want to build on our history and focus on making improvements that will enable our continued growth and transformation, while maintaining our quality of life.

Seattle is one of the most innovative, vibrant, and diverse places in the world, where the creativity of our denizens knows no bounds. Exploring – as Jimi Hendrix and Macklemore have done with music, as Ethan Stowell and Tom Douglas are doing with food and as Dale Chihuly has done with glass and canvas – is what Seattleites have been doing since the Denny party first arrived in this corner of the country. From aviators to software engineers to retail pioneers to football players, we passionately pursue our dreams, often overcoming great odds to succeed..

Whether they grew up here – or moved here with a purpose – the area’s business leaders have a deep respect and adoration for this place that has encouraged, fostered and fueled so many dreams. We want to celebrate these successes, while fostering future opportunities, for education, for business and for community.


Challenge Seattle was formed to ensure that our region thrives as one of the most innovative, vibrant and globally competitive regions in the world.

  1. Providing our children the opportunity through education to compete for the jobs of the future right here in Washington State.
  2. Developing world leading infrastructure that drives our future growth and vitality, and improves quality of life.
  3. Creating and maintaining  good jobs while preserving our values.
  4. Telling the Seattle story here and around the world.


Transportation is a key area of our regional infrastructure that needs attention. We are introducing a vision for the future of transportation.

Learn More

Our region has always attracted visionaries and pioneering thinkers. We’ve been home to people and companies that dare to do things our way. We defined personal computing, re-imagined the coffee break, reinvented commerce and connected the world through air travel. This freedom to pursue passions and explore new frontiers is the heart and soul of this region – and what we are committed to fostering.

Global Innovation Exchange

Challenge Seattle is proud to partner with the University of Washington in the creation of the Global Innovation Exchange, with founding support from Microsoft. Building on the long tradition of international faculty collaborations, the driving idea behind GIX is to bring together in one place the best students, faculty and industry experts from around the world to apply their talents to solving the challenges of our time. As the home to many of the world’s leading organizations in technology and innovation, GIX will be a welcome and important addition to the Seattle area.