Looking for a dog walker or sitter, Rover is the place for you . This company was formed in Seattle in 2011 under the name A Place For Rover. It is now estimated to be worth over 300 Million. Check out their website here, Rover Website. In the meantime, here is a little more about what they do.

What Makes Them Unique

Rover become one of the first matchmaking services for pet owners and pet service providers. Pet owners can get matched to local service providers offering walking and boarding services in addition to doggie daycare facilities. They take a portion of the fee that the provider charges. They take, on average about 20% of the cost paid by the pet owner.

Company Outlook

The future for Rover looks strong. Pet owners will always spend on their animals and consumers are increasingly looking for services online. They are well positioned on the internet with a search for “pet sitters” and “dog walking” returning the company in the top 3 of results. Often, the first position.

If you would like to offer a service on Rover, simply visit their website and submit your application. Be prepared to pay a fee for every booking, or rather a commission. Still, they give you a huge opportunity to contact local pet owners.

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