Slayer of Seattle

You might not have heard of the name Slayer, or if you have you might be thinking about the metal band from the eighties. That is not the Slayer we are referring to. The one we are highlighting today is the expresso machine maker located in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

Slayer makes and designs innovative professional expresso machines. They have been in the business since 2007 and service an international clientele. The machines hold many patents for innovative ways to steam milk and prepare expresso and they are assembled by hand right here in Seattle. One look at the machines in question will instantly reveal just how unique these machines are. Sophisticated, efficient and quite beautiful to look at. Art meets efficiency.

For more information on their product lineup or to learn about upcoming events or tours of their facilities, give them a call at 206-284-7171.

5 Quick Facts About Expresso

  1. The Italian government regulates expresso because of its social importance to the country.
  2. It takes about 50 coffee beans to make just one shot of expresso.
  3. Expresso is made using high pressure nearly boiling water to extract flavor from the coffee beans.
  4. Expresso contains more fat than regular coffee due to is ability to extract more of the oil from the bean.
  5. The word expresso means “when something is forced out” describing the process it uses.


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